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Centered on a female doctor framed for highly unethical behavior in the wake of her young daughter’s death, the pic has some intriguing elements but generates little tension and doesn’t deliver the emotional clout auds might reasonably expect from a tale involving a grieving mother.Still, with China’s anti-corruption campaign in full swing, the film’s scathing commentary on high-level wrongdoing should help attract domestic ticket buyers, though its international outlook is less encouraging.

Immediately following the tragedy, Xuehui is confronted by an angry mob claiming she “killed” a patient.

The connections between these two incidents and most of the movie’s mysteries are explained in a rapid series of events that finds implicated fellow staffer Dr.

Liu (Guo Zhongyou) committing suicide, and smarmy, opera-loving hospital administrator Kang (Leon Dai) attempting to cover up serious cases of bribery and malpractice.

Clearly intended as lower-level parallels of the high-ranking Chinese officials who have been disgraced and punished in recent times, Kang and several cronies have accepted massive payments to administer ERGLE, an unproven drug with deadly side effects in neurosurgery patients such as Xuehui’s daughter.

According to Kang’s glaringly leaky master plan, it’s Xuehui who will take the rap because her signature is on all prescriptions of ERGLE issued by the hospital.

At this point the screenplay has spelled almost everything out, and begins to play less like a thriller and more like a police procedural.

For the most part, audiences will be several steps ahead of Zhang (Tian Xiaojie), a no-nonsense cop investigating the hospital’s sudden leap in neurosurgery mortality rates.

Zhang’s sleuthing efforts, which inevitably lead to Xuehui’s wrongful arrest, are intercut with peripheral dramas of varying effectiveness.

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