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Dr Sili Kon E NL - 28 - DNR after getting checkpoints.9. Jared the Jaguar - 27 - DNR after getting checkpoints.15. Milki Tea - took a group then disappeared and blocked me.17. Rainbow Throne64 - 33 - DNR after getting checkpoints.29. Silzzlin Bac0n69 - 47 - used the checkpoints immediately without helping.21. Un Kn0w N Binary - DNR after getting checkpoints.27. Deschain019 - 36 - wasn't able to work out for a group.6. The Irish Beast - 39 - DNR after getting checkpoints.24. The Stiffler XIII - 36 - DNR after getting checkpoints.26. X SPEEDYGUY X - 33 - DNR after getting checkpoints.32. Cheez NCrackerz - 34 - wasn't able to work out for a group.5.

Kiseichuu online dating

Canadian Clark31 - was extremely busy and did pass most of the checkpoints along.11.

I do however see that it will probably be a very busy procedure for the ones sharing the checkpoints, so I'm not in any kind of rush. Please contact me either on TA or Xbox (Xbox is more efficient) if you can share any. The top 3 posters of all time are Web Chimp UK (with 25,157 posts), punkyliar (with 24,979 posts) and Spilner (with 22,188 posts).

I haven't even attempted any for that particular reason, and would like to get it out of the way. I need to get LASO for all four halo games and MC saga as well. Also, is there anyway my bro could also be included? There are currently 3,019,051 forum posts across the 7,487 forums.

I have not completed a single LASO checkpoint of any Halo game, since I know it can destroy friendships. Everyone else has been online at some point since yesterday and has not responded. The others I sent two messages to on TA and Live, and they have been online at some point so I guess they're not interested anymore. so.....: I recommend sending the rascals this message if you're up for it : "Hi, just to let you know, I haven't heard back from you and you have been online, so you will be removed from the HCC LASO save checkpoint sharing tomorrow if you don't respond." There have been 2,112 posts in the last 24 hours.

smittykid is planning to continue the checkpoint sharing, so please visit his thread when it's up and running for your checkpoints! Nearly 500 people have been helped with the checkpoints through this forum! Looking forward, if you would like to continue this checkpoint sharing, please let me know, I can help get someone else get setup to continue it.(thanks smittykid! I won't be adding anyone to more groups or handing out the checkpoints, so please don't ask...!

----------------------------------------------------------If you need to find a partner for Halo 1 LASO or Halo 2 LASO, please go to this thread! Group 50 has filled bringing my part of the checkpoints to an end.

Halo 1 LASO and Halo 2 LASO partner finding----------------------------------------------------------1.

46 helpers each helped a group of 10 others, with some helpers doing much more than that! ----------------------------------------------------------1. Breakin Traction - H1Jezza69l Black Brian7 l - somehow didn't get the checkpoints in group 5... Sarkken - helper - all checkpointsa rabid fuzzle ACHILLES 343i - H3GIO42En Er Gi Sho CKSmoking Fizzle W e s t ii a KPalauan Honour - helper - reassigned from group 35 due to scheduling problemshi Kiseichu Silzzlin Bac0n69 - helper - all checkpoints Game Junkie AP - helper - all checkpoints Prometheus AS - only H3.l Riddle Me Thisl - H1, H2, H3.

33 'helpers' said they could help, then didn't for various reasons....... 11 helpers were unable to help from various unfortunate circumstances....... I have no idea exactly how many people were helped because of some duplicates, but through the helpers far more than 500 have been helped--my guess is somewhere around 600 people received the checkpoints!


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  5. Whereas an American would say, “It would be great if you could get this to me by 3pm,” a German would say, “I need this by 3pm”.

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