Kim so eun and lee junho dating website

The second season will take place on a university campus between the studious Han Da Woon (Kim So Eun) and volleyball genius Dong Hae Sung (Lee Won Geun).

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This so-called breaking dating news almost seems inevitable and bound to elicit angry fan reaction based on other recent developments, yet at the same time it’s still just two happy people dating which is never a bad thing.

Tabloid fixture (formerly Sports Seoul) has just released photo evidence of resurgent popular K-actress Kim So Eun out on a late night date with rising young K-actor Son Ho Joon.

Their faces are clearly visible and identifiable even under their big parka hoods and they are seen walking through a neighborhood together.

The Fact is also claiming a so-called close friend of the couple has confirmed they have been dating for awhile now, with Son Ho Joon reportedly even paying a visit to Kim So Eun’s hospitalized mother when she was ill.

Bombshell dating reveals always grip the public’s attention but this particular one is sure to ignite an additional firestorm of potential backlash since Kim So Eun is currently participating in the variety program where she’s in a pretend marriage with Song Jae Rim.

Their pairing has been especially popular and with it comes some measure of shipping them in real life.

Looks like that’s totally never going to happen now.

I don’t think stars sign away their personal lives when they agree to participate in WGM but I’m sure contractually they are required to limit certain exposures, likely exposures such as letting the public cotton on that any currently airing WGM star is dating someone else in real life outside of the onscreen pretend marriage.

It’s almost like “see no evil, hear no evil” and the fans of the show get to enjoy it in the bubble of make believe, whatever that’s worth.

Kim So Eun has immediately denied that she’s dating Son Jo Joon.

which is either the truth or desperate damage control.


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