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All of these stories are in the public record, but, much to De Rogatis's chagrin, they tend to be ignored by most other music critics and the public at large.While Kelly has settled multiple cases alleging sexual abuse out of court, De Rogatis is angry that he's never been criminally charged with anything but making child pornography. " he exclaims, frustrated that almost no one seems to care but him.

He told me of mothers crying on his shoulder, seeing the scars of a suicide attempt on a girl's wrists, the fear in their eyes—he detailed an aftermath that the public has never had to bear witness to.

De Rogatis has done a lot of thinking about not only why it's been so hard to bring R.

Kelly to justice, but why the public has all but forgotten the terrible things Kelly has been accused of doing.

His conclusion: "The saddest fact I've learned is nobody matters less to our society than young black women.

Hopper's interview with De Rogatis touches on a lot of interesting issues, about how knowledge of an artist's character colors their work, how misogyny and racism intersect to make Kelly's victims invisible, how hard it is generally to hold sexual predators accountable.

But, most importantly, the and Hopper give De Rogatis a chance to share how "stomach-churning" the multiple allegations against Kelly are.

In addition to the famous video in which Kelly appears to be urinating on a 14-year-old girl, De Rogatis talks about various cases he reported on for the , including allegations that Kelly pushed teenage girls into group sex encounters, taped himself having sex with women without their knowledge, bullied a teenager into an abortion, and allegedly talked a young woman into recruiting her teenage friends to have sex with him.

De Rogatis also suspects that Kelly and his supporters have intimidated some victims into silence.

Kelly, music critic Jim De Rogatis is a lonely man.

Most music fans and especially music critics would love nothing more than to forget that R.

Kelly is an alleged sexual predator whose predilection for underage girls caused untold amounts of misery for his targets and their families.

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