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The accessories are modeled after the standby forms of the devices used by the film's characters.

Nanoha Takamachi's Device - Raising Heart Exelion Fate Testarossa's Device - Bardiche Assault Hayate Yagami's Device - Schwertkreuz Signum's Device - Laevatein Vita's Device - Graf Eisen The Raising Heart Exelion, Laevatein, and Graf Eisen accessories cost 4,200 yen (about US$52), and the Bardiche Assault and Schwertkreuz accessories cost 5,250 yen (about US$65).

The accessories will ship on July 13, one day before the film opens in theaters in Japan.

― The Tokyo Game Show took place over the past weekend, and like most recent years for the show, it didn't provide a ton of huge announcements.

...― In my endless search for interesting things to talk about in these intro paragraphs, I completely missed a personal milestone: it's been over a year since I started my time at the helm of Shelf Life.

I moved from just writing reviews to organizing ...― The Rolling Girls is pretty much exactly the kind of show I want to believe in.

Graced with a vivid visual aesthetic, centered on the poignant edge of adolescence, and framed as a rock and roll road trip through a fanciful alternate Japan, it breathes cre...

I super glued her wings to her back because it kept falling off and was a pain to put her together -.-! does anyone have any information on the Karuwaza Online exclusive set of the madoka petits?

That's generally reflective of the past decade of AAA Japanese development, which has obviously go...― Every time a western film studio steps into the ring to produce a Godzilla movie, it's inevitably followed by Toho spinning the franchise back up again, to show those silly foreigners how proper kaiju movies get ma...― Stories about members of royalty who are violently deposed and must struggle to regain their kingdom have peppered storytelling for centuries, and anime is no different.

Over the years, fantasy titles like Record of Lodoss W...― When Subaru Natsuki is pulled into the fantasy world of Lugunica, he hardly knows up from down, much less the political machinations that await him and his selected paramour.

He's first introduced to the kingdom as...― In the future, superpowered AI monitor human psychological states, measuring their likelihood of committing criminal acts and meting out proactive justice to prevent those crimes from happening. The summer season is winding to a close, but that doesn't mean it's too late for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to suddenly leap up the charts!

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