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In retrospect, Kit admitted that doing the tour was the best thing for him.

It prevented him from holing up in his house feeling sorry for himself, worrying about how long the Bell’s Palsy might last.* Also, once his situation was known, he came to realize that quite a few people have had experience with Bell’s Palsy, either personally or via someone they know.

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One theory is Madeleine was transported by sea to Barcelona after being snatched.

Investigators revealed last week that a new British witness had come forward with information about an unidentified woman he spotted at Port Olimpic.

He said the well-dressed woman - described as a Victoria Beckham lookalike - spoke with an Australian accent and asked him: 'Are you here to deliver my new daughter?

'The link to Mrs Wyllie's 105ft Sunseeker, named Will Power, arose because it was the only Australian-registered vessel moored in the Spanish marina that night.

Mrs Wyllie and Ms Karlson insisted today they were in Antibes, France, on the night in question and said they could not help the investigators.

They said they would co-operate with the police to confirm the facts.

A statement released through their company said: 'The Wyllie Group today confirmed that the Wyllie family were unable to provide any relevant assistance to authorities investigating the disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann.'British media reports raised suggestions that Wyllie family members may be able to assist investigators in relation to an incident at Port Olimpic, Barcelona on May 6 2007.'The Wyllie family is perplexed with these media reports.

In fact, members of the Wyllie family were in Antibes, France, that evening, not in Barcelona.'The Wyllie yacht was docked in Port Olimpic on May 6, crewed by American and English personnel.

I am pretty sure they are referring to that fact that I go out into the world with a face that looks like mine, but how is that brave? When it comes to my face, there isn’t much reason to be afraid.

It is all I have known, and besides, what’s the alternative? Perhaps they assume that I must deal with stares, questions, comments and taunts on a daily basis. * Google Chrome does not have a built-in RSS Feed Reader.

I do experience these things periodically, but certainly not daily. Perhaps they consider me brave because I speak publicly to both kids and adult groups about accepting and embracing differences in both themselves and others. I know that my appearance doesn’t affect my ability to do almost anything else I want to do, and I am very grateful for that. Follow the link below and install the free RSS reader to your browser.


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