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It enables mobile users to choose who knows where they are and when, giving them full control of their desired privacy.

Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.

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With every new report about some predatory creep using Tinder to lure in victims it becomes abundantly clear that those looking for love online are at risk of much more than a broken heart.

Because online dating wasn’t sucky enough already, ugh.

The latest story to compel me to delete the Tinder app from my phone comes out of Lawrence, Kansas, where Shane Steven Allen, 30, stands accused of holding his Tinder date hostage for six days, during which he allegedly beat her for with his friend.

According to court documents, Allen began exchanging Tinder messages with a 20-year-old sorority student, who he then invited to hang out at his trailer with a few friends.

According to the with his friend, punched her in the face and then refused to let her leave.

The following day, Allen allegedly choked the victim until she passed out, telling her she couldn’t go home until her face healed from the blows.

He’s also accused of kicking her, strangling her and pressing his knee against her throat with such force that bruising formed on her jaw and ears.

The victim told police she was never left alone during the six days she was held against her will, though Allen did bring her along on various errands.

After she promised not to call the cops, Allen agreed to bring her back to her sorority house — but she immediately went to the local hospital, where doctors noted that she had two black eyes, bruising, swelling and broken blood vessels in her eyes.

Allen was arrested and is now facing five charges — one felony charge of kidnapping and four battery charges — and 32 years in prison, and is being held on a 0,000 bond.

This study examines factors (including gender, self-monitoring, the big five personality traits, and demographic characteristics) that influence online dating service users’ strategic misrepresentation (i.e., the conscious and intentional misrepresentation of personal characteristics).

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