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Special features The Powerlift brings fresh energy into the room andprovides the user with electricity, data and compressed air connections in no time at all.Simply fold down the media arms using your hand, hook up your experiments, laptops or technical kits, and off you go! The connecting cabinets from Hohenloher help you to keep all the media under control.Activate electricity, gas or water at a central location, or simply switch them off in an emergency.

The connected components are ready to use immediately and linked together in highspeed. NAWIS® adapts to your individual requirements flexibly and quickly.

Whether it's a Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Technology lesson - NAWIS® is impressive as a true master of transformation. The innovative ceiling supply system networks the work areas in an intelligent way.

Position groups of tables however you wish - electricity, gas, water or Internet are available in no time.

Fly One® supplies media such as electricity, data, gas or compressed air to the place in the room where it is needed – in a precise and safe manner.

When these are not required, Fly One folds away automatically and elegantly at the touch of a button from any position and retracts discreetly into the ceiling. The media wing offers the widest range of media and therefore allows the highest degree of flexibility in utilisation of the space.

It supplies the workspaces with electricity, data, water, gas, air, light and much more.

Special features The Medienlift® is the top runner amongst the ceiling-supplied media systems and the favourite of science subjects.

At the touch of a button, the electric motor brings down the lifts individually or in pre-defined groups, and they supply the required media in a matter of seconds at an ergonomic operating height.

NAWIS® is the flexible space concept for science lessons and is guided entirely by your wishes.

The modular furnishing concept allows the room to be simply and quickly adapted to any situation.

Whether planned long in advance or a spontaneous decision – bring on the next lesson!

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