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Since March 2011, we've been collecting and sharing free vintage and old-timer plans through the Outerzone website. It's always great to see pictures of beautiful models built from these plans. To celebrate our birthday, we put together a Gallery of just some of the photos you've shared with us over the last 5 years. This is the same plane that is in the earlier pictures, but when I converted it to electric motor, I also... Thanks for saving the traced parts and the plans to keep this classic available for modelers the world over. 23/09/2016 : Plan ID=8055 : Oily Bird 6 by Bob Moore, Buddy Brammer from Model Airplane News : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

Thanks to you, there are now over 7,000 plans here for free download. When we started Outerzone we never expected you would all send us photos. Hi Steve, Due to increased Government intrusion into the RC Hobby here in America, I've taken up building rubber powered, stick & tissue planes. 21/09/2016 : Plan ID=1514 : Bonzo by Vic Harden from Model Airplane News : Complete article added, thanks to RFJ.

Hi Mary, Attached are a couple of pictures of the Bowden in flight, as you requested a couple of weeks ago [more pics 009, 010]. Hi Mary/ Steve, here are some photos for the plan page of the Keil Kraft Super 60, built from the down loaded plan [more pics 006-011]. I flew my Jemco Mustang for the first time today, she fly good [more pics 004].

Morning Mary and Steve, I am building the KK Hurricane, and just reached the point of putting the stringers on the fuselage formers. Modification made are two spruce 4 inch sq wing spars, dihedral 5...

Again, thanks to your web site, there is no shortage of plans to draw from. Hallo Mary, new pictures of my Bellanca Decathlon 40 from OK Model Pilot 68in span [more pics 006-009]. 21/09/2016 : Plan ID=6489 : Wildfire by George Harris from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

21/09/2016 : Plan ID=3946 : Sun Fli 4 by Joe Bridi from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.

21/09/2016 : Plan ID=2489 : Faultless Chick by Jack Luck from Model Airplane News : Added original MAN article page, text & pics; also Spanish translation from Argentinian magazine, Aeromodelismo, thanks to alcalaino.

..updates Cessna 150 - 21in Scale Rubber F/F Piper Twin Comanche - Joe Bridi - 74in Scale IC... Sky Bait - Charles H Grant - 47in IC F/F Musketeer - Jim Davis - 24in IC C/L Tarman - Max Blose - 66in IC R/C Oily Bird 6 - Bob Moore, Buddy Brammer - 56in...

Researcher 7 - Ralph Sawyer - 48in IC R/C Speedmark - Irwin Ohlsson - 60in IC F/F Schoolgirl - Ken Willard - 32in IC R/C Super Whiz Kid - Owen Kampen - 44in IC R/C Aeromodelo Para Instruccion - 32in Glider F/F Phantom - Earl Witte - 50in IC R/C Pilatus Porter - Joachim Fuchs - 60in Scale IC Spitfire Sport - Paul Bennett - 64in IC R/C Excalibur - Will Dawson - 37in IC R/C EAIB 6 - C Zanetti - 67in Glider F/F Pitcairn Mailwing - Frank W. Profile Porter - Bruce Pailet - 19in Rubber F/F New Era I - Chuch Cunningham, Don Dewey - 44in...Skeeter - Lloyd Nicholson - 66in IC R/C Piper Apache - Bill Norment - 58in Scale IC C/L De Havilland Tiger Moth - Dom Prentice - 68in...Pinata - Ray Vandewalker - 56in IC R/C Grumman Avenger TBF-1 - Joel Cimmino - 66in...21/09/2016 : Plan ID=1082 : Lulu II by J Barker from Aeromodeller : Added original Aeromodeller article page, text & pic; also Spanish translation from Argentinian magazine, Aeromodelismo, thanks to alcalaino.20/09/2016 : Plan ID=8004 : Vagabond by Bill Winter from Model Aviation Planbook : Added a PDFvector format (CAD-redrawn) supplement version of the plan, thanks to rchopper56.20/09/2016 : Plan ID=4999 : Rimfire by Jan Sakert from RCMplans : Article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.


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