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So we decided to do a new collection together for our portfolios then we thought we could take part in contests and then won the first contest.

In the beginning it wasn’t our plan to build up our own label.”But their success as a partnership, Cimen puts down to “talking”, it’s essential for working on collections -sharing ideas and scraping ideas.

It was through their sit downs and talks that the Turksploitation collection was born.

– When I rushed in from the rain on the last day of fashion week, the tent seemed deserted.

It wasn't that people had lost interest, simply that the seating rows for the Issever Bahri show were already packed.

And the looks that were sent from offstage towards the click-frenzied photographers were worth it.

Pencil skirts with bondage- like knitted grits, gangsteresque fur coats, college-style silk blousons and quilted leather jackets only sound weird on a list.

To the eyes of the audience, however, they merged into a harmonious, convincing image.

The collection of Derya Issever and Cimen Bachri didn't prize touch over reality: The knit sweaters in dark blue, clean cut powder colored blazers and straight hipsters can easily be called wearable.However, the same isn't true of the beautiful shoes worn by the thin-legged models – those were made for standing rather than walking.ISSEVER BAHRI is a Berlin-based label, founded by Derya Issever and Cimen Bachri in March 2010.Both are graduates of the Fashion Design course at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Berlin.During and after their studies Derya Issever and Cimen Bachri worked for various labels in London and Berlin, including Alexander Mc Queen, Six & Seven Eights for Fashion Fringe, Harriet’s Muse, Michael Michalsky, Boss, SAI SO and Macqua.In July 2010 ISSEVER BAHRI’ s debut collection for S/S 2011 was launched during the Berlin fashion fair PREMIUM where the label was awarded the annual initiated PREMIUM “Young Designers Award”.


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