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I’m now creeping up on 40, and while my feelings haven’t changed regarding “morality” being forced upon others by the majority religion in this state, the harshness of my words was certainly unwarranted. This post from almost six years ago sums up how I still feel now: Utah is a great place to live if you can manage to not get too worked up over the few asinine things that the state’s lawmakers try to force on the minority non-LDS population.

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If you have any that I don't, please feel free to send them to me and I'll list them Moving to Google+ after a Facebook change is like moving to Canada after an election.

No-one ever actually goes through with it, and even if they did, they wouldn't have any friends when they got there!!

A mom knows everything about her kids...their favorite foods, friends, clothes, their school reports and their dreams. "When I die, i'm gonna have a "like" and "dislike" button on my gravestone.

A dad is vaguely aware that there are some short people staying in the house with him.heard practice at Cowboy Stadium was delayed 2 hrs after a player reported finding a white powdery substance on the ground. And just a word of caution: If you think its gonna be funny to push the "dislike" button, wait till you see what you look like when all the voltage passes through you...

Utah has to be the shittiest place to live if you’re not a member of the Mormon church.

The state itself is wonderful, but the people suck.Not only are most people here extremely stupid, they are bigoted and closed-minded toward any people or ideas that are not of LDS origin.Springville recently passed an ordinance that allows the sale of beer on Sunday.This just points out how fucked up most of the rest of the state is by not allowing for beer sales on Sunday, but if you read the sign in the picture in that article, you can see just how illiterate Utahns are–“We Sale Beer on Sunday.” I still don’t understand how the state’s lawmakers can get away with passing and maintaining laws that prohibit alcohol sales on Sunday, or laws that prohibit premarital sex and other sexual acts between married couples.Those can only be considered religious issues–I don’t know any atheists who give a shit about what other people do behind closed doors.There is absolutely no separation between church and state in Utah.


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