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It’s no surprise that BBC has decided to feature him as their big cat expert in its Lost Land of the Tiger series.

Almost 5 million viewers in the UK tuned in to watch the exciting expedition that resulted in video footage of tigers possibly breeding at the highest elevation ever recorded in Bhutan – approximately 13,500 feet.

We have known for quite some time, due to the long-standing efforts of Bhutanese, Indonesian and other international tiger conservationists, that tigers have been present at this elevation, as referenced in this scientific publication.

This new footage, however, indicates that tigers might be doing more than just passing through.

The original, three-part Lost Land of the Tiger series was aired multiple times in the United States in 2011 by National Geographic Wild. Watch a condensed 45 minute version of the three-part series below, posted by National Geographic.

American adventure following the firefighters, rescue squads and paramedics of Firehouse 51, a team that charges head-first into situations that others flee from - but whose members do not always see eye to eye.

Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker and Charlie Barnett star Parents need to know that Chicago Fire follows a group of men and women working in a dangerous occupation that invites injury and even death.

Violence is portrayed more or less realistically, so you'll see blood, serious injuries, and heavy flames.

de Dan Brown y la verdad es que no me impactó en la medida de lo esperado; algunos datitos históricos y científicos sueltos y más nada.

Y la trama trillada, el bien contra el mal, digna para una peli de Hollywood.

Bueno, no quiero que me señalen como aguafiestas; y como me tomé la molestia de leerme el libro entero, que bien gordo está, aquí les presento un resumen del mismo, a my way:(Autor: Dan Brown; Adaptador: Yo)El doctor Robert Langdon (un Indiana moderno), profesor de Harvard y experto en simbología recibe una extraña llamada que le roba el sueño y que trastocaría su apacible y acomodada vida.


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