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Hobart is well-served with outdoor equipment shops (there is a cluster of them in Elizabeth St, just up from the mall), so you'll have no trouble buying a tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, outdoor clothing, etc.

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Starting from Hobart, it is recommended that you cycle anti-clockwise around the State, beginning with the easier cycle up the East coast and finishing with the prevailing westerlies at your back as you cycle over the central highlands from the West Coast back to Hobart.

If you start in Devonport or Launceston then it is recommended that you cycle the Giro Tasmania route clockwise, so that you will be fitter by the time you have to climb up to the central highlands.

Although most cycle tourists take the "easier" option of only cycling the East Coast, imagining the West Coast to be more hilly and windy and therefore more difficult, we actually found the West coast roads better graded, more shaded by trees and protected from winds, and the scenery more attractive than the predominantly rural east coast.

The flight to Hobart from Melbourne takes approximately one hour, and 1.8 hours from Sydney, and can sometimes be "absorbed" into the price of an overseas ticket to Australia, therefore costing no extra.

So, you've just stepped off the plane at Hobart airport and are wondering what's happened to your expensive mountain bike.

The Redline "Airporter" bus meets all flights and will drop you off at any hotel or hostel in or around the city centre - just ask the driver.

The closest bike shop (owned by a keen cycle tourist) is Tassie Cycles, 100 Newtown Road, New Town. You may be able to buy a bicycle in Hobart and sell it back to the same shop when you finish the Giro (see Bike Shops).

Good panniers are harder to find in Tasmania, so it's a good idea to bring them with you.

"Thank you for the great help that your guide provided me during my time in Tasmania.


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