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Not all databases have all the articles they cite available in full text.Use the button that's in the database article record to have the system search Rutgers subscriptions for the full-text article.

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Incorporates citations from Women Studies Abstracts, Women's Studies Bibliography Database, and the Women's Studies Database, among others.

Index to a database of full-text reports covering 53 countries including all of Asia, Australia/New Zealand, the Americas Pacific Rim, and the Pacific Islands. Almost 500 journals indexed back to 1994, with retrospective indexing back to 1990 in progress.

Reports cover a wide range of topics including business, economics, the environment, politics, education, and women's studies. Indexes over 2,000 history and history-related journals worldwide, as well as book reviews and dissertations. Compendium of materials from federal, state, local, and international governmental departments and agencies, academic institutions, think tanks, conference sites, non-governmental organizations, institutes and organizations and other credible entities." 1970- Index to literature on the family and family-related subjects drawn from a wide range of social science disciplines.

The premier resource for educational research, the ERIC database contains more than one million abstracts covering research documents, journal articles, technical reports, program descriptions and evaluations, and curricular materials in the field of education. The most comprehensive index to world history (excluding that of the U. Index to journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages (450 A. Indexes books, journals, conference papers, government reports, and working papers.

; generally the most recently published issue of any current journal will not appear in JSTOR until 3-5 years after the publishing date.

Rutgers current access is to ten of the twelve JSTOR Arts and Sciences collections.(GSF) is an international open-access, scholarly, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal publishing theoretically innovative and methodologically diverse research in the fields of gender studies, masculinities, sexualities and feminism. During the stage of adolescence, the notions of questioning one's sexuality or gender, along with the diverse areas related to it, can arise as the construction of identity begins to form.It is a stage where exploration, learning and experimenting often occurs.While some youths have little to no issue in self-identifying, many youths encounter a great deal of confusion and uncertainty at this stage.They may have issues in understanding their sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, or whether or not they fit into any preconceived social normative labels.

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