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He gets off to have lunch during a twenty minute stop at Zastupinsk railway station. See full summary » Injured on the job Vasily Kuzyakin gets a ticket to the resort.

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But it turns out that the garage will have four fewer spaces than planned. See full summary » A young romantic loves step dance but there is only one person who knows this forgotten art.

Beglov was a step dance super star back in 50s but as step became unpopular he lost everything. See full summary » Interdevochka (1989) is a film adaptation of the eponymous book by Vladimir Kunin, set in Leningrad (St.

Petersburg) in the time of "perestroika" during the 1980s.

Tatyana is a beautiful Russian nurse who is underpaid at her hospital job, so she turns a prostitute catering to international tourists.

She becomes well paid in dollars, and helps her ailing mother to survive.

Tatyana's international clients enlighten her about the life in other countries, so she accepts a marriage in order to escape from the grim Soviet reality. And so Russian :)In general it's not really very interesting movie, just a glance into Russia after perestroika, when so many things got ruined.

But even being married to a decent man abroad, she still suffers from being labeled as an ex-Soviet prostitute, and her new life is full of new troubles. A girl becomes a prostitute, then gets a chance to leave Russia and have a normal family. Longing for motherland, not very friendly strangers around, no love, no mom, all of this leads her to death (presumably). And maybe in a way a hint to those so many girls leaving Russia in search for better life. I advise to watch it, I watched it yesterday and it was so nice, so many flashbacks.

Mind you, now Russia has changed drastically since then.

W dzień jest doświadczoną pielęgniarką, w nocy luksusową prostytutką na usługi gości zza granicy.

Pewnego dnia klient ze Szwecji oświadcza się bohaterce, dzięki czemu ma ona szansę uciec ze Związku Radzieckiego ku lepszemu światu. Na drodze do szczęścia stoją zazdrosne przyjaciółki, chciwy ojciec oraz bezlitosna biurokracja. Cierpi niedostatek w Związku Radzieckim i marzy o lepszym świecie.

Okazja nadarza się gdy jeden z jej zagranicznych klientów oświadcza się.

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