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By 1954, Europeans, Indians, and Fijians were allocated an equal number of seats on the Legislative Council, but the mode of election remained different: universal male suffrage for Europeans and an enfranchised wealthy elite for Indians; indigenous Fijians continued to be represented by nominees of the Great Council of Chiefs, and did not vote directly for their own representatives until the general election of 1966, the last election to be held before independence.

From the early 1960s onwards, the Indo-Fijian dominated National Federation Party began campaigning for universal franchise on a common voters' roll.

A number of devices have been tried at various times to accommodate the reality that the primary faultline in Fijian politics is not ideological, but ethnic.

The competing political interests of the indigenous Fijians and s have defined the political landscape for a generation.

There are also small communities of Europeans, Chinese, and other minorities whose economic and political influence is disproportionate to their numbers.

wooooo im cool In colonial times, the British authorities established a Legislative Council with mostly advisory powers, which were gradually extended.

European males were enfranchised in 1904 an allocated 7 elective seats in the Legislative Council.

Fijians were represented by 2 chiefs chosen by the colonial Governor from a list of 6 nominees submitted by the Great Council of Chiefs.

There was initially no representation for n immigrants or their descendants, but in 1917 they were granted one seat, filled by a nominee of the Governor.

This seat was made elective in 1929, when wealthy Indian males were enfranchised.

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