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[email protected] Church Dance Studio Mondays & Wednesdays at pm This is an outreach group which embodies Matthew 28.It’s a group that goes through the rough areas of Miami and shares the love of Christ by passing out love bags to people on the streets.Nelson Ruiz [email protected] other thursday This is a group of singles who have joined forces to learn how to embrace the journey of singleness through fellowship and engaging in various fun activities, while being equipped with the necessary tools to wait on the Lord.

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They discuss topics of personal development, financial stability, and living a faith based life.

Sharrell Lordeus [email protected], Fridays, or Saturdays at pm Celebrate Recovery has a Christ based approach to recovering from drugs & alcohol.

This group utilizes 8 recovery principles that are based on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’.

Daisy Joseph [email protected] a member of this group, you’ll learn to live a faith based life through bible study and seeking God in prayer.

Flora Csonka [email protected] Thompson [email protected] Other Saturday at am As a member of this men’s group, you will learn how to be in the world and not of the world through biblical teaching and prayer.

Sunday Akinbiyi [email protected] am-pm Come prepared to seek answers from God through steadfast prayer and perseverance.

Harold Danier [email protected] Barbot [email protected] at 7-9pm These young adults use their bodies as instruments of worship unto God.

They exist to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ through movement, passion, and excellence.

Summer Fun Connect Groups are designed to help every member at Trinity find a group of people with whom they can belong.

These groups happen every day of the week all over the Miami area.

Whatever you are passionate about we have a group where you can get connected.


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