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Ciavelli only trusts Gus Minissi (James Whitmore), a hunchbacked diner owner, as the getaway driver.

The final member of the gang is Dix Handley (Sterling Hayden), a friend of Gus.

Dix explains his ultimate goal to Doll Conovan (Jean Hagen), who is in love with him.

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Dix, however, just keeps losing his ill-gotten gains betting on the horses via Cobby. During the meticulously planned crime (an 11-minute sequence in the film), the criminals carry out their work in a calm, professional manner.

Ciavelli hammers through a brick wall to get into the jewelry store, deactivates a door alarm to let in Doc and Dix, and then opens the main safe in minutes using home-brewed nitroglycerine ("the soup").

Unfortunately, the explosion somehow sets off the alarms of nearby businesses and brings the police to the scene more quickly than expected.

On their way out, Dix has to slug an arriving security guard, who drops his revolver, which discharges and wounds Ciavelli in the belly.

The men get away unseen, but a police manhunt quickly begins. Dix and Doc take the loot to Emmerich, who confesses he needs some more time to raise the cash they had expected. He had sent a private detective named Bob Brannom (Brad Dexter) to collect sums owed to him, but Brannom returned only with excuses.

Emmerich then plotted to double cross the others with Brannom's help (for an equal share).

Emmerich suggests to Doc that he leave the jewelry with him, but Doc and Dix become suspicious. Dix is able to kill Brannom, but not without being wounded himself.

Dix wants to shoot Emmerich as well, but Doc persuades him not to.

The Asphalt Jungle is a 1950 film noir directed by John Huston.

The heist film is based on the 1949 novel of the same name by W. Burnett and stars an ensemble cast including Sterling Hayden, Jean Hagen, Sam Jaffe, Louis Calhern, James Whitmore, and, in a minor but key role, Marilyn Monroe, an unknown at the time who was pictured but not mentioned on the posters.

The film tells the story of a group of men planning and executing a jewel robbery. In 2008, The Asphalt Jungle was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".


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