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And then that press conference where she challenges the press and the public asking if they'd be satisfied with her death!

Loved it and the courageous way the Hong sisters take on the issue of media and internet scandals and meddling in celebrities' lives. Chun Hyung was also a lot of fun, with its references to the movie about the legend.

Then I saw Hong Gil Dong without knowing it was the Hong sisters.

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Hwansangui keopeul online dating

For a long time my interest on drama was once fired up. He was on his way to tell her he loves her, but finding KKJ is his priority, and request a break from GDR(his intention on the way before accident) He is a good guy and didn’t mess around with Doctor S 4- KKJ and SYJ have an opportunity to grow into each other fondly, after finding out that they are brothers, and puzzled how the parents are there at their awakening, be act with lots of humour and parody!

I wish both of you a good health and more powers to write good stories. :) I am a HUGE FAN of both you and your sister, your work is simply breathtaking and amazing. Your work takes my breath away, and I have watched series from many different countries, and your work is just above them all and truly a masterpiece. Hello From Vancouver Canada You and your sisters with your BRILLIANT always fascinating and soul enriching entertaining bang on witting talents; has given me and many many lovers of K Drama world wide great pleasure and true drama. 5- The parents work hard for forgiveness and put KKJ first with the help and encouragement from SYJ 6- all of them visit KKJ’s mom to her tomb to pay respects and voice their thankfulness 7- KKJ returned to school.

A BIG THANK YOU, FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK, TO YOU AND YOUR SISTER. One Thousand Plus Thank You Good Fortune & Good Vibes To You Both Always "BIG" spoilers. and still affectionately giving GDR hard time, and cunnigly enjoyibg it! 8- KKJ falls in love with a student of his age, which the feelings are mutual.

9- GCS (GIl teacher’s brother) gets together with Mari, whom finally return his feelings.

10- KKJ pushes SYJ to get back to GDR s he likes her honesty and clumsiness, that entertains him (not loves her) GDR and SYJ starts over and romanced each other.

11- Finally GDR and SYJ get married to the happiness of KKJ and his pretty awesome girlfriend, to the jealousy of Mari.

(Relationship between an ADULT TEACHER and his/her MINOR STUDENT is not only UNETHICAL but IMMORAL and should not idolized, rather discouraged!!!

) Please email or send to the Producer/writer if any of you know how/ Anonymous from California (BTW, I’m not As The first time I attempted The Greatest Love, I gave up after two episodes because I didn't understand it. When I tried it again, I realized it was poking fun at the industry entertainment industry itself.

I have no idea how to contact the Hong Sisters, or any other Korean screenwriter for that matter, but my sister and I had a brilliant idea for a story.

My sister was watching a Chinese dating show the other day and the experience in that episode was incredible. 2- The two brothers have no memories of after accidents, yet remembering flash back as if it was a dream.

Plot for Korean drama: This guy and girl knew each other when they were younger but somehow separated. Why does Korean writer, write such a beautiful drama to allow it to sink? GDR has time to mourn her feelings for KKJ, and gets to her senses.


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