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I know from myself people are obsessed with traffic, statistics, looking at other sites – tracking their stats and so on.

And if there is enough demand, of course there are sites to satisfy You.

I wanted to put those sites and tools in one list together, because at least for me this field was really unclear – I didn’t know what means Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete, Technorati rankings and I could continue so on.

I also use several Fire Fox and Chrome add-ons to track website traffic, so I don’t have to type and go to statistic related webpage to get the results.

Results actually came to me in this way, allowing me comfortably browse, explore and compare sites I visit.

Now I am so used to live with these toolbars, I can’t imagine my browsing life without them. I will start with actual Fire Fox plugins (just google same for Chrome) I use and later in order to the most popular and know traffic tracking sites.

And just a thought – can You imagine how useful in marketing is information about Your competitors?? This article is all about tracking your websites traffic and how to increase it.

I use Compete always together with Alexa, however in compete my site is ranked much higher, so I think Alexa rating is more objective.I don’t know, I am just critical against myself.

And they offer also toolbar, it is second add-on I use regularly, it’s official site toolbar, tracking also average people count visiting site.

Maybe this information is not so precise, but when I compare those stats with my site, I can get actual overview, how many people are visiting other sites too – pretty great.

There are many other features in this toolbar however, but I am not using them in my workflow however, but You can do Your own research, maybe some feature is useful for You.3.

Check the table of contents and see what interest you.


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