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The end up in a GNB conference room with Barney, who looks grief-stricken.Barney says that since the class is full of freshmen, they need "Sex Lessons".Ted replies that they are 18 years old, to which Barney counters that they are 18 years old.

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Robin visits her therapist, Kevin, who says that he can't see her anymore, as he is moving to Alaska.

She leaves his office, but they then run into each other a week later at a diner, where Kevin admits that he had to stop seeing her because he liked her.

He says that, ethically, he cannot date her, though.

She offers for him to sit beside her and have breakfast as two people not on a date. On the last morning of the week Robin is running late.

She comes through the door soaked from the rain and says she missed her bus and ran 40 blocks to get there. (The staff of the diner all begins to applaud.) At Mac Laren's Pub, the group sits around talking about Marshall's new job (his settlement offer with Gruber Pharmaceuticals), Robin's new relationship with Kevin, and Nora's hatred of the Ewoks. Marshall, though, is angry at Garrison Cootes for not being strong enough during negotiations.

Ted, meanwhile, has decided to take his class to the site of the new GNB offices to let them see an actual construction site.

He is stopped, though, as the site is closed and only those with a pass are allowed on site.

He takes the the class around Manhattan to various places under the pretense of trying to make it a good field trip.

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