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“As a result, the King County United Way board of directors are discussing whether or not to continue funding the Chief Seattle Council.

2,000 was earmarked earlier in the year by the King County United Way to give to the Scouts.

The purpose of this site is to invite people to life changing testimonies and resources grounded in God’s truth and grace.

Let this site be your lifeline resource to believing and proving that God is not dead and has certainly not forgotten or forsaken His children wrestling with same-sex attractions.

My passion for this ministry transpired during my spiritual journey in Christ.

Check out ‘My Journey Home’ menu page to read my story of redemption.

Scouting for All was formed by Scott and Steven Cozza, a father and son team, to organize homosexual groups in a national campaign to end the Boy Scouts of America policy that excludes homosexuals.

The group’s website has a extension, generally used for nonprofit groups. The opposition website carries a story reported in World Net Daily and other media in Nov.

A different group using the same name — but with the extension — was formed to oppose the efforts of Scouting for All. 1999, about a controversial performance by homosexual rock star Elton John at London’s Albert Hall.

John sang while young men dressed in Cub Scout uniforms performed a striptease for a predominantly homosexual audience.

The board of directors of the original Scouting for All website was not pleased when it learned of the opposition site, and immediately began efforts to have the site shut down.


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