Hippofant online dating

To place the object, go to Stuff and then Collection. Once you've placed it, tap on the pool and choose to play the game. You get a free token to start with and sometimes find them within snow piles.

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These codes are the gift that keeps on giving, because each special animal is part of a collection.

Complete these animals’ families by buying a second adult and two children.

Once the family and collection are complete, you’ll receive more rewards (as with any collection), including precious Acorns.

Gameloft snuck in another trick that doesn’t involve a name change.

Your village must have reached level 2 to pull this one off.

During gameplay, tap Sid the sloth four times and then Manny the mammoth three times (without tapping anything else in-between) and you'll get a bunch of coins and a snowy fox.

Many of the game’s Achievements involve completing various collections of animals.

The rub is that some of these animals cost Acorns, the game’s premium currency!

Now, you can actually earn Acorns through gameplay.

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