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It still kind of amazes me at times, but it has been such a consistent observation that I can’t believe anything otherwise.

Sometimes I still remember that cab driver and think the universe was sending me a message I needed to hear.

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I was pretty tired and sunk down in the back seat, but not 30 seconds into the ride, he started talking to me. Instead, I was shocked by the response of my female friends: every one laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s true.” What?! Where were the calls for mandatory sensitivity training starting in 6th grade? In high school I had been one of those guys who thought girls didn’t enjoy sex.

I mean, they were always saying “no,” so they must not like it, right?

In college, I actually believed my sexual harassment training that “no means no” 100% of the time.

I had always tried to be respectful of women, and being respectful meant not making any physical moves too soon, least I might “offend” them and they would think I was some date raping pig.

The only girls I had dated to that point had basically thrown themselves at me.

Later on in life I realized that I needed to develop some game, and once I started making progress, the truth of the cab drivers words became clear to me.

I have now come to believe that women care more about sexual satisfaction than men.

Women may be pickier about who they sleep with, but once they pick you, they will want sex more badly than most men.

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