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With Easter just around the corner, many families will be gathering.

While that antiquated social custom has fortunately disappeared from the dating scene, meeting your date’s parents and family for the first time can still be a daunting experience.

If you’ve been dating someone you met online, even if only for a few weeks, your parents and siblings are probably curious about this new person in your life.

Your family may be pressuring you to bring your date home with you for Easter dinner.

But taking your date home too soon can backfire and halt a relationship that has barely gotten started.

It’s best to take things slowly when introducing a new date to your family. It was a long-standing tradition for the man to take care of the woman, harkening back apparently to our caveman days.

Aside from the whole ugly “ownership” issue, few women worked and men had the cash to pay for restaurants and theater tickets.

By the time your parents started to date, women’s lib had kicked in and women insisted on going Dutch or taking turns picking up the check for the evening.

It was a statement of independence and equality; and with more women working, they could afford to help foot the dating bill.

Today, most dating singles work, and dating couples tend to share the bill or take turns so that neither party is saddled with too great a financial burden.


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