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Reluctantly, Lavon (Cress Williams) agrees to let Lemon (Jaime King) be his campaign manager, but he unexpectedly becomes part of a town scandal when he takes the fall for her, a move which could end up costing him the Mayoral race.

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The second season opens with Zoe confused over her conflicting feelings for both George and Wade.

Zoe decides that George is not ready for a relationship and so starts dating Wade.

She has to battle heartbreak, jealously, and not being able control everything.

THE AFTERMATH / GOLDEN BROOKS (“GIRLFRIENDS”) AND CHARLIE ROBINSON (“NIGHT COURT”) GUEST STAR — After George confesses his feelings to Zoe (Rachel Bilson), she finds herself having to make a tough decision between George (Scott Porter) and Wade (Wilson Bethel), leaving the two guys at odds on how to handle the situation.

In search of some much needed girl advice, Zoe makes a new fast friend in former Blue Bell resident Ruby Jeffries (guest star Golden Brooks), who no one is excited to see.

Lemon (Jaime King) decides it’s time to get her own apartment and a job, but it’s tougher than she thought.

Continuing to forge ahead with her new life, Lemon proceeds to return the wedding presents, but a sudden detour to Zoe’s while holding a cake knife creates a stir with the townspeople.

GOOD INTENTIONS WITH QUESTIONABLE RESULTS — Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is trying hard to stay away from Wade (Wilson Bethel), but when Rose (guest star Mc Kaley Miller) enlists her help in throwing the first Blue Bellapalooza, she is forced to ask Wade to convince his old band mate to be the musical act on short notice.

Wade convinces George (Scott Porter) to start playing the field and agrees to be his wingman, but when Wade stands him up, he decides to follow the seemingly questionable advice solo.


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