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If you are looking for an old HAM friend (Elmer), relative, or just searching for a card from the former holder of your new "Vanity Call", check my database then email your request (by CALL SIGN).

I will make scanned copies of any QSL Cards I have, and make them available to you.

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I will send you a scanned or digital photo of a call book listing and the callbook's cover page which is acceptable as proof to FCC and VEs in renewing an expired Ham Radio License or qualifying for credit for a new license.


" If you turn on an old dusty tube type receiver, listen very carefully using an old pair of headphones and tune the receiver ever so slowly, you can still hear their faint signals off in the distance .....

" Share your thoughts and suggestions via my Guest Book.

The legacy of "Old Time" Ham Radio Operators can be found in the QSL Cards they left behind.

This Website is dedicated to those Old Time Radio Operators.

I have a Collection of Old (US and Canadian) Ham Radio QSL Cards dating from the early 1920s.  A complete list of Old QSL Cards now totaling 48 THOUSAND can be accessed by clicking on the Links below.

Over 22 Hundred Online Scans of Old QSL Cards are also available by clicking on the required Scan Link.

Improvements and updates will continue to be made, as the Collection grows and I learn more about this WEB PAGE DESIGN "stuff", so check back often.

Old QSL Cards are an important part of Ham Radio History that need to be preserved.

It is my goal to save as many of these Old QSL Cards as possible to keep them from ending up in the Land Fills of America. I appreciate all donations including Old QSL Cards (1920s - 1980s), and Old Radio Amateur Call Books especially from old Silent Key Estates.

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