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In life, Jenna exuded an inspirational bravery that touched people and has undeniably created massive social impact in South Africa by increasing organ donor registration by 238%, through her campaigning alone.

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In addition to the new website, and in honour of her birthday, The Jenna Lowe Trust has partnered with RELATE Bracelets to create a red beaded bracelet to honor, acknowledge and celebrate Jenna’s beautiful life.

From today, the Jenna Lowe RELATE Bracelets will be available in boxes of ten online selling for the launch price of R35.00 a bracelet.

Proceeds of the sales go towards the Jenna Lowe Trust, which is mandated and committed to continue raising awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension, Organ Transplantation and Rare Diseases in South Africa.

“I can make a difference, and a difference can make me”, Jenna Lowe, aged 12 years old. How you can get involved: The Jenna Lowe Trust is looking for retail partners to join their movement for change and stock Jenna’s bracelets.

“It’s not risking your life that makes it an adventure, It’s risking your comfortable, preconceived ideas about life. Traipsing around the globe, our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to leave their homes (if only for a wee-little while) to explore the other corners of this beautiful blue planet.

To see the world from a different perspective.” We are Vaughan and Lauren Manuel Mc Shane, husband and wife travel bloggers from Cape Town, South Africa!

To go further, faster, higher, longer, deeper or wider than you ever thought you could.

We also, and this mostly it, to give themselves the chance to experience the feeling of setting foot on foreign soil, in a land where things don’t work like they do back home and that are altogether quite strange but lovely at the same time.

Grazia Mexico represents the first edition in the Americas.

It’s every woman’s ally; the one that understands her desires to be up-to-date with the latest celebrity news and lifestyles.

Its striking covers, with fashion and beauty products, Grazia catches the attention of its trading partners by giving them the possibility to launch and promote their products like in no other magazine.

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