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Since repetition can form such an interesting part of speeches and writing, chiasmus definitely can be found in numerous places, and you can practice using it in your own work for emphasis, humor, or greater effectiveness.

Look for examples of chiasmus in poetry, political speeches, the Bible, literature, and advertisements.

Also note when you refer to this figure of speech, it is “ I thought Chiasmus is the purest form of Antimetabole.

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One of the most famous of these is: “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.” Many jokes are built around phonetic chiasmus.

For example, the joke: What’s the difference between a boxer and someone who has a cold?

is answered with this chiasmus: "The first one knows his blows And the second blows his nose." One very specific form of chiasmus is called .

This is when the same words are used but in reverse order.

The most recognizable antimetabole example in modern times is the famous John F.

Kennedy quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” .

Antimetabole is a type of chiasmus, but not all chiasmus are a type of antimetabole.

Hopefully you caught that sentence as a chiasmus and an antimetabole.

Chiasmus is a literary or rhetorical device used for spicing up language, and making it more interesting.

It reverses the order of modifiers, or simply sentence structure in two connected, called parallel, clauses. Poetry and work from the Bible contains a number of chiasmus examples.

A simple example of chiasmus is the following: He led bravely, and we bravely followed. The AB, BA structure can be complicated into an ABC, CBA structure as it is in the following quotation from Genesis 9:6.


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