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Arc System Works' high-resolution fighter now comes to the Playstation Network.

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The Force Break, Throw Escape and Slash Back systems added in Accent Core give all the fighters a wide variety of defensive and offensive capabilities.

The Play Station Vita version further refines the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus experience with rebalanced characters (featuring more weapons and options for weaker characters as well as adjusted higher tier character battle styles) and the integration of playable bosses Kliff and Justice.

(Depends on where we're counting from and what region)... The original GGX released in Japan in the year 2000, with a North American console release in 2001.

Well over the past decade, Arc System Works has perpetually tweaked their "pride and joy" 2D fighting franchise more times than a sane gamer can count. The previous release, GGXX: Accent Core was released for PS2 in May 2007.

Even several years after the release of their latest 2D fighting franchise, Blazblue, Arc System Works primed and polished this final, refined version... Not only did the console prequel have a major bug that wasn't debugged before the code went to production, but many hardcore players were put off by the arguably senseless character changes and over-complications of the gameplay.

Of course, this "opinion" depends on who your main characters are (and your skill level), but this is the "insider" feedback I've heard.

Concerning that post-production bug, reports of the glitch appeared on Japanese gaming message boards soon after the game hit retailers.

Arc System didn't issue a recall, but they did post an apology on their website to assuage the disappointed gamers.

About 7 months later, Arc System Works released "Accent Core Plus" which was first came out on September 20, 2012 on Sega's arcade system board, Ring Edge 2.

Accent Core Plus hit consoles shortly after, fixing the prequel's glitch and also adding some new features.

The later released "+R" free update added further refinements & updates, including: a new HUD, different colored health bars / Burst gauges, a new timer display, and even some new character color palettes based on Blazblue characters.


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