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Finally, this document defines the parameters used in You Tube Data API requests as well as the XML tags returned in an API response.

For Java, PHP and Python developers, the XML tags may correspond directly to a property of a Video Entry, Profile Entry or other type of object.

The You Tube Data API retrieves search results from a specially optimized search index.

Please note that there may be delays between the time that a video is uploaded or updated and the time the new information is included in video feeds.

The following list provides expected data latencies for various API functions: The You Tube Data API offers different views, or projections, of the data available in the API.

A projection changes the structure of a feed but does not alter the content of a feed.

As such, two different projections of the same feed will identify the same items, but will use different sets of XML tags.

For example, the projection, which supports all of the tags defined in the XML element definitions section of this document. Most developers who are using this documentation will use the This projection yields feeds that support all of the XML elements defined in this document, including all relevant tags in the You Tube and Media RSS schemas. This projection filters out some of the XML elements that would not be used by developers building mobile applications, allowing for a rich user experience while also reducing bandwidth usage for mobile users.

Note that this projection does not ensure that an API response only contains videos suitable for mobile playback.

To ensure that an API response only includes videos suitable for playback on a mobile device, add the fields parameter to the API request URL with the value shown below: The API allows you to submit an unauthorized request to retrieve any of these feeds.

However, in some cases, an authorized request may retrieve additional information.

Note: The You Tube Data API (v2) has been officially deprecated as of March 4, 2014.


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