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Abd al Kuri: bogus; island in Indian Ocean between Socotra and Horn of Africa. Abeilles: (Fr.) bees, bee-like spots of French stamps issued 1863-71. Aberdeen: Aberdeen Circular Delivery Company, local, 1867. A Betale-Portomerke: (Nor.) Norway postage due inscription, 1922-23. Abidjan Games: common theme on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1962. Paid 2 cents: see: Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals. Kennedy, BEP employee initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. Abo Lans KustÃ¥ngbÃ¥ts: (Fin.) local post via steamship, Finland late 1890s. 1912-1944: Italian issues overprinted "Egeo," "Isole Italiane Dell'Egeo" from various islands: Calchi, Calino, Caso, Coo, Fero, Nisiro, Patmo, Piscopi, Rhodes (Rodi), Scarpanto, Simi, and Stampalia, 1916: stamps of Italy without overprints used, 1920: Greece recognized Italian control of the islands, 1923: formerly ceded to Italy, 1944-45: German occupation issues, 1945-47: British Middle East Forces occupation overprint MEF (Middle East Forces), 1947: stamps of Greece overprinted SDD (Dodecanese Military Occupation), 1947: stamps of Greece. Afrique Sud-Ouest Allemande: (Fr.) German South-West Africa. Agate: printing size of a type, 5 ½ point, called ruby in England. Agencia postal auxiliar (Ag.): (Sp.) auxiliary postal agency, usually found on monastery cancels. Aidez les Tuberculeux: (Fr.) Tunisia surtax overprint semi-postal for tuberculosis. Airmail border: colored bands on cover border indicating airmail service. Archer and Daly: printer in Richmond, Va.; printed stamps for the Confederate government. Archival: properties of any material in contact with covers or stamps that will not degrade with time. Color Shade: commonly used to denote a variation of the same color. 5: Brief, Packet & Guter-Expedition Charles van Diemen,186? Hármaslyukasztás: (Hung.) (stamp) with three holes. Härmed ett pakete: (Swed.) phrase denoting "herewith a parcel" noted on letters and postcards attached packages in Sweden, see Adressbrev. Härpil: (Swed.) carved wooden sticks with messages, carried by relays, stuck in posts for next man to pick up, 9th century. Harrison and Sons: British stamp printers since 1911. Harrison & Sons Ltd.: watermark seen on Maldive Islands.

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Gazeta echo turku online dating

Several letters are split up into more than one post as the size was "choking" the server due to the vast amount of data. Agency: 1: a commercial firm that promotes and sells the postal products of the country or countries it represents, 2: a post office maintained in one country's territory by another country. Agricultural: (Sp.) triangular stamps issued by Uruguay for farmers' parcels, 1929"A" Grill: one of several types of grills used in the 19th century, which covers the entire stamp. Aguascalientes: District of Mexico; 1914: issued revolutionary provisional overprint "Gobierno Constitucionalista." Aguascaltes:used as a district overprint in Aguascalientes, 1856. 2: labels used to mark letters or packages for shipment by air; also known as etiquettes. Color Trials: proof impressions in various colors to aid in color selection for the issued stamp. F I: Finland, including the Ã…land Islands, country code as used by UPU. Fieldmail Supplies: United Kingdom strike local post, 1971. 8: stamps of Hamburg used in Bergedorf, 1868, Jan.1: stamps of the North German Confederation, 1870: became part of the German Empire, 1871: stamps of the German Empire.

If you are looking for NUMBERS look for them as they are spelled ie 3 would be under T for three. Agents: individuals, acting on behalf of a post office, collected incoming mail and departure mail, or en route of a boat or train; may have used postal markings and entered items into the mail stream. Agenzia dei piroscafi Ottomania: (It.) Ottoman Steamship agency, Turkish Steamship Company, 1840-62. Agramunt: local, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Agricoltura: (It., Sp..) agriculture, theme or topic. Agüera, La: part of Spanish Sahara, Africa; 1920-1923: used Spanish Rio de Oro stamps overprinted "La Agüera," 1924 stamps of Spanish Sahara. Aguilas: local Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Air Mail Postal Card: a postal card intended for air mail usage. Color Variations: frequently found on the Giori press on which up to three colors are printed. FI: fiscals; a philatelic discipline recognized for FIP exhibitions. Ficha: (Sp.) small stock cards for mounting stamps. Field Post Office: a post office established for servicemen on active service.

Thanks to the owners of "Ask Phil" we have a large amount of data already here. I would like to request all members have a look at their favorite topics and check the entries. Agenzia dei vapori Ottomania: (It.) Ottoman Steamship agency, Turkish Steamship Company, 1840-62. Aguinaldo: Philippines, local revolutionary issue of 1898. Air Mail rotary set: refers to the 1995 series from Panama issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Rotary international. Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Arge: (Ger.) philatelic study group for a particular area of collecting. Colosnah: city in Egypt, Interpostal Seals used 1879-82, see Interpostal Seals. Column: a single-stamp width multiple of stamps from a sheet, pane or booklet in a vertical format; horizontal strips are called "row."Columnas: (Sp.) pillar boxes, or mail boxes. F F, F fr: catalog abbreviation for currency in Andorra, France and Monaco, (Franc). FFUS: abbreviation for first flights by US airlines. F I A F: (Sp.) "Federación Interamericana de Filatelia," Inter American Federation of Philately. FIDES: Economic and Development Fund; common theme on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1956. Fiera di Trieste: (It.) overprint on stamps of Italy, Trieste, 1950-53.

If you have more terms you wish to add - or amendments to make please feel free to post them to end of the thread. Agets de la Couronne: (Fr.) Crown Agents ( Great Britain). S.: steamship of the Danube Steam Navigation Company; 1890s: built for the upper Danube lines. Air Mail Semi-Official Stamp: privately printed stamps used for private flights in balloons or planes. Arbah: bogus, one of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine. Columbian Exposition Registration Stamp: label for 1893 exposition possibly used for registering for drawing or another event. Columbus Archipelago: Galapagos Island, stamps could be used throughout Ecuador. Column Total: marginal inscription printed by the post office on stamps of Germany with the face value of the column of stamps. Fezzan Occupation Francaise: (Fr.) overprint on stamps of Italy and Libya for French occupation, 1943, see Libya. Fialovocerná: (Czech.) violet-black, purple-black (color)Fialovocervená: (Czech.) violet-red, purple-red (color)Fialovohnedá: (Czech.) violet-brown, purple-brown (color)Fialovomodrá: (Czech.) violet-blue, purple-blue (color)Fialovosedá: (Czech.) violet-grey, purple-grey (color). Fiesta de la Hispanidad: (Sp.) national holiday celebrated on Oct. Fifi: British Colonial Royal Wedding frames from book "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers."Fifth Clause Post: British handstamp pertaining to the 5th Clause of an Act of Parliament regarding village posts.

1: precedes the European postal code on addresses in Austria.2: anotacion, Colombia registration inscription, 1865-70. Aging: an artificial test to determine the relative permanence of paper or other materials. Air mail semi-postal stamps: air mail stamps used to raise money for charity. Aran, Republic of, Aran Islands: bogus, Ireland overprint made in 1967. Columbians: nickname applied to set of 16 stamps issued in 1893 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of the New World; designs used again in 1998. Paid 5, Post Office 5: see Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals. Comandancia: (Sp.) military or naval command, Spanish language country markings. Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition: international stamps show held in New York City, 1956.

3: architect, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74.4: Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia S. Avianca airlines, overprint on Colombian air mail stamps of the 1950s. Aba-el-Wakf: Egypt, see: Interpostal seals, 1879-84. Airmail stamp: stamp intended to prepay airmail postage; the first recorded is the 25c rose Italian express stamp, 200,000 of which were overprinted in 1917; Flugpostmarke (Ger.), Timbre pour la Poste Aerienne (Fr.), Francobollo di Posta Aerea (It.), Sello de Correo Aereo (Sp.). Airmail stamp, first: Italy issued an adhesive air mail stamp for the Turin-Rome flight on May 19, 1917. Columbia Postal Supply Co.: manufacturer of canceling machines in use from the 1900s-50s. Comares: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1938. Figaro: local post, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937.

5: a marginal marking used on flat plates indicating uniform vertical spacing between columns of stamps. Air Mail Stamped Envelope: a stamped envelope intended to be used for air mail service. Airmail stamp, semi-official: issued privately, but accepted by the postal agency; the Canada Jack V. Air parcel post: started in 1948, lower rates made it a less extensive alternative for sending packages by air. Arancione Rossa-Brillante: (It.) bright orange-red (color). Combatientes: (Sp.) combatants, fighting forces used as "Pro Combatientes" in Spanish postal markings. Figure: 1: name given to 1914 French colonies postage dues with value in bold panel in center.

This marking was intended to assist operators of perforating equipment. 17: Auslandsstelle, Auslandsbriefprüfstelle (Ger.) Foreign Letter Censor Office, WW II, followed by letter indicating city. Baldus, BEP employee initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. Vantine: US cancel or revenue stamp overprint for face powder product, 1914. Airplane: symbol overprint indicating airmail issues. Airport dedication cover: cover commemorating the opening of an airport. Comayagua: May 1877, Medio Real surcharge for Honduras province. Fernando Po: Spanish colony, island off Gulf of Guinea, west African coast; currency: 100 centimos = 1 escudo = 2.50 pesetas, 100 centimos = 1 peseta, 1,000 milesimas = 100 centavos = 1 peso (1882) 1858-77: stamps of Britain used, 1868, July 1: No.1, 20 centimos brown, first stamp issued as Spanish colony, 1867-79: stamps of Spanish Cuba used inscribed Ultramar, 1879-1909: own stamps used, 1909-60: stamps of Spanish Guinea used, 1960: first semipostal stamp issued, 1968, Oct. Feuchtwanger Strip: Civil War era encased postage stamps, but may be a fantasy item created in the 1890's. 2: Name given to 1894 King Carlos portrait on Portuguese colonials. Fiji: member of British Commonwealth; group of 844 Pacific islands; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound, 100 cents = 1 dollar (1872, 1969) 1870, Nov.

6: air mail overprint on SCADTA air mail issues of Colombia, indicating a consular overprint sold in Germany, 1920. architect, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. 18: Australian stamps watermark, with Imperial Crown, 1913-26. 23: underlined watermark of Orange River Colony 2/6d King Edward V11 Revenue stamp. A thru X: Scott Catalogue suffix for Revenue Stamped Paper. Aachen: 1: formerly Aix-la-Chapelle,, also transit marking; see: Aix-la-Chapelle. A&ESC: Aberdeen and Elgin Sorting Carriage, British. Aayman Islands: bogus labels for Dayman, Layman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc.; British colonial royal wedding frames from book, Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers. B.: 1: Archibald Brown manuscript surcharge, 1891-95 on British East Africa Protectorate issues. Airport International de Kabul: inscription on airmail stamp of Afghanistan. Air Post: in Russian, used as an overprint for Imperial Russian consular tax stamps in 1922 applied to mail sentfrom Russia to Germany; see: Deruluft. Combi Mail: combination of an airplane and a submarine; mail brought to New York from Chicago, via Erie, Hammondsport and forwarded to Germany on a U-boat. Combination Block: a block of four or more stamps with different perforations on some of the stamps. 12: united with Rio Muni to form Republic of Equatorial Guinea, 1972: renamed Bioko. Feudatory States: states in India established their own postal systems which carried mail within the state; see individual states for additional information; Alwar, Bamra, Barwani, Bhopal, Bhor Bijawar, Bundi, Bussahir, Charkhari, Cochin, Dhar, Duttia (Datia), Faridkot, Hyderabad, Idar, Indore (Holkar), Jaipur, Jammu and Kashmir, Jasden, Jhalawar, Jind, Kishangarh, Las bela, Morvi, Morvi, Nandgaon, Nawanagar, Orchha, Poonch, Rajasthan, Rajpipla, Sirmoor, Sorouth, Travancore, Travancore-Cochin, Wadhwan. 1: No.1, 1 penny pink, first stamps were locally typeset, by Fiji Times newspaper, paper ran a letter and parcel service, 1871: stamps with cipher of native king, CR (Cakobau Rex), Fiji started own mail service, 1872, May 8: Fiji Times closed its mail service, 1874: overprinted V.

7: Scott Catalogue prefixes for forerunners, such as India, used abroad. 19: Ante Meridiem, morning, coded time handstamps of 1890s. 21: time of departure for Zeppelin flights.a: (Fr.) of, to, by, atÃ…: one-letter post office name, Norway. AA: 1: USPS abbreviation for Armed Forces Americas, except Canada, see: AE. 2: Aachener Stadbriefbeförderung Merkur, German local, 1894-97. AADC: automated area distribution center, USPS term. L.: Adria Aero Lloyd, Italy Aalborg Bypost: (Dan.) Denmark local post, 1884-89. A and T, A&T: Annam and Tonkin overprint, French Protectorate in Indo-China; Jan. AAPE: American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, USA. Aarhus Bypost: (Dan.) Denmark local post, 1884-1900. 2; (Fr.) "assez beau"; fair to good condition, or appearance. 4: (Fr.) "Armeé Britannique" 1748 British Army handstamp, for Austrian army, usually on mail from Germany; carried by Thurn and Taxis to Belgium; see: Thurn and Taxis. Airship mail: 1: lighter-than-air (LTA) craft characterized by a rigid, covered framework, interior of which holds containment cells for the lifting gas, such as a Zeppelin. Combination Cover: 1: an envelope or card with stamps from two or more different countries. Fermented Fruit Juice: tax paid revenue stamp denominated in barrels and fractions of barrels, 1933. Fernigow: currency unit in North Poland, 1919-1923Fern-Ost-Republik: (Ger.) Far Eastern Republic. von, Count: (1850-1917) considered one the world's greatest collectors, who by the 1880s, was considered to have the world's greatest stamp collection known, died of a heart attack while trying to buy a Swiss stamp; his collection was confiscated by France and sold to pay the German War Reparations Account. Ferrocarriles Andaluces: (Sp.) Andalusian Railways, inscription on railway's own stamps. R., "Victoria Regina" to mark change by King Cakobau to Crown Colony, 1916: first War Tax stamp issued, 1917: first postage due stamp issued, 1951, Sep. 10: first stamps issued as independent territory, 1971, June 18: joined the UPU.

8: watermark, with Imperial Crown, used in Australian stamps, 1913-26. non-denominated stamp, valued 15-cents, placed on sale May 22, 1978. 2: (Fr.) Armée Autrichienne" (Austrian Army) 1748 British Army handstamp, for Austrian Army, usually on mail from Germany; carried by Thurn and Taxis to Belgium; see: Thurn and Taxis. AAFPO: Australian Air Force Post Offices AAI: Allied Armies, Italy. Aalborg Privatbaner: local, Denmark railway parcel. Aalesund Bypost: (Nor.) Norway local post, 1880-84. 21, 1888-1892: stamps of French Colonies surcharged A & T, see: Annam and Tonkin. Aangebragt: (Dutch) Netherlands Dutch East Indies labels; 1845-46: postage due inscription. 4: Russia surcharge, Cyrillic for Vladivostok Issue, Far Eastern Republic, 1923. 2: non-rigid LTA craft, the form of which holds the lifting gas, such as a blimp. Arab Union: political linking of Iraq and Jordan; issued stamp in 1958. Arad: 1: county and city in W Romania on the Mures River ca. A Turkish fortress outpost in the 1600s, belonging to Austria after 1685, and ceded by Austria to Romania in 1919 after WWII. 2: cover transported by air and one (or more) other (non-air) primary means in transit to the original destination; such as flight plus surface; postal markings are necessary. Ferrarities: someone who owns a number of fakes; named after Baron Philipp La Renotiere Von Ferrary, a great collector who also owned a number of fakes and forgeries. Ferrol del Caudillo: local post, Spanish civil war, Nationalist, 1937. (Falange Española Tradicionalista): (Sp.) found on civil war tax and charity stamps, Spanish right wing political party in 1933-34. Fiji: 1: hurricane relief inscription, unissued Great Britain cinderella by David Horry, 2001. Bergqvist Lokala Expressposten: Local post established by A.


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