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Hanuman belongs to Ramayana while Bhima and his wife Draupadi belongs to Mahabharata.

An old Hanuman told Bhima ( searching for a flower for Draupadi ) who was vain about his great strength to lift his tail and Bhima could not. Drona was the Guru of Vyasa’s grandchildren, the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

Maya Danava who build the Indraprasta palace hall for Yuddhistira was Ravana’s father in law. Ravana’s grandfather Pulastya, told the story of the Big Bang to Bhishma at Gangadwar. Since Sri Rama and Ravana fought each other in Ramayana , this means Bhishma of Mahabharata was of the same generation as Lord Rama.

In the Upanishads we get a glimpse into the workings of the minds of the great Indian thinkers who were unhampered by the tyranny of religious dogma, political authority, pressure of public opinion, seeking truth with single-minded devotion, rare in the history of thought."At Rama's command, those lions among the monkeys entered the mighty forest with alacrity in hundreds and thousands on every side and those leaders on the simian tribes, tearing up the rocks, which in size they resembled, and the trees also dragged them to the sea and they covered the ocean with Sala, Ashvararna, (list of tree names).

Those foremost monkeys transported those trees, with or without roots, bearing them like so many standards of Indra (the king of heaven) and they heaped (list of tree names) here and there.

With the aid of mechanical devices, those powerful colossi dug up stones as big as elephants and rocks, and the water suddenly spouted into the air only to fall instantly.

Thereafter those monkeys churned up the sea by rushing into it on all sides pulling on the chains.

And all beings beheld that causeway thrown over the ocean and by hundreds and thousands of kotis (millions), those monkeys, full of valor, having built that bridge over the immense repository of waters, reached the opposite shore.

If we convert them to their equivalent modern units, where each yojanas is 9 miles and each nimesha is 16/73.3 seconds, substituting it into the speed of the sun by the Rig Veda gives the speed of the sun as 186,536 miles per second.

The most accurate figure for the speed of light as of today is 186,282 miles per second.

This means the Rig Veda figure is 99% accurate to the modern figure.

"Some brought trunks of trees and others set them up; it was by hundreds and thousands that those monkeys, like unto giants, made use of reeds, logs and blossoming trees to construct that bridge, rushing hither and thither with blocks of stone resembling mountains or the peaks of crags, which, flung into the sea, fell with a resounding crash.

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