Free online dating lancashire

It may take a little imagination, but shrug off the gloomy weather and see the world of inspiration that lies before Blackpool singles.

Your Blackpool dating experience can begin at the elegant portico-fronted Grundy Art Gallery which lies towards the edge of the town centre.

This heartwarming gem documents the path of this charming seaside resort through the ages, with some stunning photography.

You know, the forced perspective one where it looks as though you’re holding it between your fingers.

You and your date can go one step further and for a quaint free dating idea stock up on baguettes, French cheese and wine, to recreate your own Parisian picnic on the grounds of the scenic Stanley Park.

The eastern quadrant, just past the circular Italian garden is a sight to behold: flanked by thick rose beds to either side, and with a central boating lake, it’s a luscious space in which you and your date can while away a sunny afternoon, chatting about whatever comes to mind.

Whether you want to be singing your heart out to Cheryl or pinching Brad Pitt’s bum, Blackpool dating has never been so much fun!

With its highest drop measuring 205 feet your candid souvenir photo will showcase the pair of you terrified out of your wits.

After all that excitement you can retire to a local pub, The Blue Room, in the town centre is always a lively choice.

There’s a world of (photo) opportunities for Blackpool singles in this charismatic seaside town, and all you need to do is find the right one.

Visit e Harmony for the best online dating Blackpool has to offer, because we match you with only the most compatible single people, so you choose only from the best and find a memorable date to boot!

And there’s plenty of photos to be had for you and your date at Madame Tussauds.

Wandering through this collection of TV greats, ex-presidents and assorted celebrities is a surefire way to get conversation rolling in all directions.

Visit the pier for a spot of seaside dating and re-enact classic “Carry On” humour with those saucy cartoon cut-outs.


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