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Calling a Taxi: When you ask for a taxi service from any of the taxi stops in the city You must take into consideration the order of the list of vehicles waiting.

In a 50-meter radius from a stop You can not call a taxi in traffic because it is not permitted for priority of the vehicle waiting in the stop.

The telephone and radio taxi allow you to call a car to the waiting area running the taximeter.

The taxi drivers can have a maximum amount, it´s depends of every city.

Join the NEW I Teach Inquiry® Network to unite with other classrooms committed to teaching inquiry today.

This FREE website provides a forum for teachers and students to share ideas and develop techniques to improve student learning. The pictures were then placed in a booklet and students were placed in groups, along with a parent leader, to go on a scavengar hunt throughout the school to find the items, taking the exact picture using digital cameras.

In addition to its purpose as a meeting place, the site features updates on cutting-edge educational resources and grant opportunities, and allows opportunities for you and your students to publish and share fresh ideas with one another in a safe and monitored environment by a National Board Certified Teacher and a company specializing in science and math curriculum. They had a blast, and it’s surprising how well they actually did in finding all of the objects.

After an introduction of the different types of simple machines, and before beginning a FOSS unit on levers and pulleys, I searched our school, taking pictures of specific examples of simple machines. This all had to be completed in a specified amount of time.

EX: pulleys: flag pole, window blind, stage curtains pulley. They had to be back in the room at a particular time, or they lost points.

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