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The teenager, who is a pupil at the same Romanian school in which the teacher was working, stumbled across videos of Georgina having sex with a man and naked pictures of her - and then shared them with pals.

The school board soon became aware of the material, leaving Georgiana with no choice but to resign.

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Read more: Teacher admits sending nude photos to former student on Snapchat "In my opinion, it is a very serious situation because it goes against the moral and legal principles of the school.

It has caused a lot of damage." Georgiana was born in Prisacani, Romania and taught at her local school for two years before the scandal emerged.

She returned to the village after studying in Iasi where she studied a degree in geography.

"When she came back here, she came to me crying, asking for a job," said Ms Catrina, "she was desperate to work, no matter what." Read more: Teacher 'had sex with 16-year-old pupil in motel on night of husband-to-be's stag do' An outraged parent, who did not reveal her name, said: "It’s not normal.

If she thinks she can earn more money with that sort of career, she has the right.

But she definitely has to quit teaching." Eugenia Dragan, a neighbour of Georgiana who recently retired from teaching at the village school, was shocked at the news.

She said: "I have never heard of such behaviour from a teacher.

I worked for 42 years at this school and I am ashamed one of my successors would behave like this.

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