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Whatever your foot fetish fantasy; Foot Fetish Dating SA will find the perfect partner for kissing, caressing, manicuring, rubbing, tickling or just if you want to borrow her stockings and shoes.A mate to match your appetite is what we do best; Read more: Put Your Best Foot Forward, The Foot Fetish Is Here to Stay Public Foot Fetishism - These Acts Aren't For the Beach Keep On Your Trend-Setting Toes – Modern Foot Fetishists Have More Fun!

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Foot Fetish Dating SA is the perfect online platform for we; the worshipers of the five-toed organ found at the end of a human leg. " Feet and their fetishists are all just as normal a part of our society as the boys who can't live without a six-pack of Castle, and boerwors for the braai when the Sharks or Kaiser Chiefs are playing.

We love feet and this adoration or passion is often misunderstood.

Everyone has feet…well…at least the lucky ones do, and an obsession for feet is a completely normal part of human erotic behaviour.

Just like some people think blue eyes are lekker and others obsess over blondes.

This is the site where you get to meet-up with folk who enjoy the idea or infinite possibilities of sharing a foot fetish passion.

It’s all about the pheromones of feet and just like the rest of your body – armpits and genital area; exude tons of pheromones, so too do your feet.

Pheromones play an important role in sexual attraction.

Science has also told us that both feet and genitals occupy the same brain space, and our neurons get auto-erotic with one-another.

All over South Africa, people are perving over pert little pinkies; painted pink or klankie, calloused farmers feet.


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