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7.9) What should I know about modem device handlers?

Core software: OS, BASIC, DOS, Modem handlers 7.1) What versions of the Atari Operating System (OS) are there? 7.5) What are Atari DOS I, DOS II, DOS 3, DOS 2.5, and DOS XE?

6.19) What types of memory upgrades are there for the Atari?

6.18) What graphics enhancements are there for the Atari?

6.17) What MIDI enhancements are there for the Atari?

Edu Originator: [email protected] Date: GMT Lines: 10229 NNTP-Posting-Host: edu X-Trace: 1260595013 edu 502 Xref: nl atari.8bit:120139 comp.answers:66950 news.answers:321066 View main headers Welcome to the atari.8bit newsgroup! 3.7) What can I do to extend the life of my floppy disks? 3.9) How can my Atari utilize my PC's or Mac's storage drives? 3.11) How can I use a USB flash drive with my Atari?

not-for-mail Message-ID: Organization: none Newsgroups: atari.8bit,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions Followup-To: atari.8bit Approved: [email protected] 3.6) What kinds of 5.25" floppy disks can I use with my Atari drives?

1.13) What is the internal layout of the 8-bit Atari? 3.5) What other floppy disk drives can I use with my Atari?

1.12) Why do the ANTIC Modes start with "Mode 2", what about 0 or 1? 3.2) What other cassette recorders can I use with my Atari? 3.4) What are the Atari 810, 815, 1050, and XF551 Disk Drives?

6.10) What graphics tablets were produced for the Atari? 6.16) What sound-enhancement upgrades were produced for the Atari?

Hardware interfaces 6.1) What is the Atari 850 Interface Module? 6.3) How can I use a SCSI/SASI device with my Atari? 6.9) What preventative maintenance can I do on my Atari system? 6.15) What sound-digitizers/samplers were produced for the Atari?

5.5) How can I connect my Atari to a high-speed/Ethernet network? 6.8) What accessories did Atari produce for their 8-bit computers? 6.14) What voice/sound synthesis hardware was produced for the Atari?


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