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Camels are the navy of the desert, capable of porting goods across terrain that is otherwise inhosptiable, even to trucks.

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Flying camel sex

A fully grown camel costs the USD equivalent of $1300 to $1700 with none of those drawbacks.

And for all of that, all he asks is you turn your head once a year while he bangs outthe two humped camel babe he metin eastern Turkey.

Recommendation: Long the Camel, growth in automobile usehas sucked the world dry of oil while simultaneously causing global warming.

The world will soon be a hot desert withno oil and the only way to get around willbe on coke-drinking camels.

Vav or Zayin forms the straight line of the letter Gimel, which indicates that the letter Gimel extends from the letter Iod.

Remember, the letter Iod represents the Sephirah Kether.

We explained in the letter Aleph that Kether is always represented by the letter Iod.

Aleph is called the holy trinity, the unity formed by three Iods: Kether, Chokmah, and Binah.

We also recommend exposure to flying camels which should take significant share from Airbus and Boeing after they are FAA approved later this year.

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