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We need to evolve beyond the point that we think we can bomb innocent civilians in other countries in order to get rid of regimes we installed in the first place that are no longer to our liking.As Bob Dylan puts it in Blowin’ in the Wind, “How many times must the cannonballs fly before they’re forever banned ? How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry ?How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died ?

I’ve been waiting for a prophetic voice of the stature of Dylan to arise. Our second problem is that our government has been hijacked by some very dangerous people.

The president we have now is not the one that the majority voted for, so this is no longer a democracy, and the reason he got in is because the Supreme Court has been bought, and the media, which should raising holy hell about the situation, is embedded with this illicit regime and scared to make a peep because they will lose access. America has lost its moral leadership in the world, and is morally adrift in savage capitalism and hyperconsumption and protofascistic militarism and our democracy, everything that makes this country great, is going down the tubes. What should I as an American citizen who loves this country and the people and animals and plants in it be doing is something that I’ve been asking myself every day since we bombed Iraq again and this time invaded and occupied it, despite the clear global consensus that this was not anything we had any right to do, but the attitude of the illicit junta was : what are you going to do about it ? One thing is for those of us who are deeply disturbed about what is happening to our country to gather in peaceful protest rallies like this, and I want to thank Michele Syverson for putting this one together and everyone who has had the courage and conviction to come here this afternoon.

We need to make it clear that not every American is going along with the agenda that this regime is trying to force on us and on the entire world.

Then we need to get rid of these creeps, not by force, but by exposing what they’re doing, the way Woodward and Berstein exposed Watergate and brought down Nixon, and speaking out and organizing a viable alternative and voting them out and making sure this time that the election isn’t rigged and the majority gets the people it voted for in office.

But before we can do that we need to inform ourselves about what is going on, the impact that we are having on the rest of the world and what the rest of the world thinks about it.

I can tell you something about this because for the last thirty years I have been traveling all over the world and writing about what I encountered.All too often I have traveled to some remote magical corner of the world and instead of finding the beautiful, pristine, exotic cultures and ecosystems I was expecting to be there, I have come upon scenes of appalling destruction. I was staying with some friends in a bungalow in the hills above Oche Rios that belonged to Reynolds Aluminum in a lush rainforest full of birds and butterflies but right behind the bungalow were two hills that had literally been decapitated and were oozing blood-red bauxite rich lateritic soil that had been trucked off and processed into aluminum foil and other products.When I returned to America I saw how obliviously and wastefully my countrymen were using aluminum foil without having a clue of the cost that it was taking on places like Jamaica.Flat Out Full Soundtrack: IEIyy Sh8Qq Y Flat Out Ultimate Carnage Full Soundtrack: i_9oh MJJeu U The Chelsea Smiles - Nowhere Ride Alkaline Trio - Fall Victim Papa Roach - Blood Brothers Supergrass - Road to Rouen Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me Nickelback - Believe It Or Not Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction Yellowcard - Rough Landing Holly Yellowcard - Breathing Zebrahead - Lobotomy for Dummies Rise Against - Give It All Papa Roach - Not Listening Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit Fall Out Boy - 7 Minutes In Heaven Supergrass - Richard III Nickelback - Flat on the Floor Rob Zombie - Feel So Numb Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding Wolfmother - Pyramid Wolfmother - Dimension Fall Out Boy - Snitches and Talkers get Stitches and Walkers The Vines - Don't Listen to the Radio Audioslave - Man or Animal Audioslave - Your Time Has Come Mötley Crüe - Dr.Feelgood kgj Yn8Xyk Ik AFI - Rabbits Are Roadkill on Rt.37 AXG8TPcj Tw Y Nine Black Alps - Cosmopolitan All tracks were extracted from the PC game, save the last one, which I bought off Amazon (it's only in stunt events); and the two separate ones, which were ripped from the Xbox version. id=0B1180ESJw7f Jfk Nad Gx Xa Usw Wk01Tkx LM0cw LTN3U1NVYVQ5U0p Cdk RBMVJZSU5GR3k1X3M&usp=sharing package: file/d/0B1180ESJw7f Jak1kakt YOEE0Wm8/view?

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