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Cannavale told More roundtables featuring comedy actors and actresses, drama actresses, comedy and drama showrunners, and reality hosts and producers will roll out throughout June in print and online.{ "nid": 893522, "type": "news", "title": "Comedy Showrunner Roundtable: Marta Kauffman, Kenya Barris on Limits of Sexual Innuendo on TV", "path": " {"type":"video","nid":892827,"status":"1","video_id":"4888955217001","player_id":"4442114399001","image":{"width":1296,"height":730,"extension":"png","file_size":1174995,"mime_type":"image\/png","type":"image","path":"sites\/default\/files\/2016\/05\/comedy.png","orientation":"landscape","id":null,"caption":null,"credit":null},"credit":null,"caption":null,"deck":"David Mandel, Alan Yang, Aline Brosh Mc Kenna and Nahnatchka Khan discuss what they have (and haven't) been able to get away with showing and talking about on the small screen."}, "relative-path": "/news/comedy-showrunner-roundtable-marta-kauffman-893522" } "You only have 22 minutes — not even, like — to tell a story, so you want to do the material justice and the area justice but you also want to make it funny, you always want to not be preachy. So you start to get nervous about that, but it’s an excited nervous." { "nid": 769163, "type": "review", "title": "' Fresh Off the Boat': TV Review", "path": " {"width":1296,"height":730,"extension":"jpg","file_size":300648,"mime_type":"image\/jpeg","type":"image","path":"sites\/default\/files\/2015\/01\/fresh_off_the_boat_cast_promo.jpg","orientation":"landscape","id":null,"caption":"'Fresh Off the Boat' on ABC","credit":"ABC\/Kevin Foley"}, "relative-path": "/review/fresh-boat-tv-review-769163" } She says the nerves don't come from the pressure from networks, but mostly from wanting to do a story justice within a medium that mandates set parameters.

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“I’ve never been the lead in anything before, and that’s what the role calls for. It was set up that way.” When asked what he draws from to reach the extremes, Cannavale answered, “Experience.

I feel like maybe 20 years ago I wouldn’t have been ready to do this part.

I’ve played a lot of different roles in the years leading up to this and I think those roles really sort of prepared me for it.” “I’ve gotten to play leads on stage before and in the last say, 10 years, I’ve gotten to play bigger roles and more interesting supporting roles, and I think they’ve all kind of led me to this character in a way.

I’ve gotten to play elements of this character in other parts, and I really get to put it all together now and really have fun with it.” Cannavale was nominated for a Tony for his leading role on Broadway in With an extensive résumé in television, film and stage, Cannavale has worked with many notable directors in the business.

He said the best directors are the ones who ask questions.“I like when a director asks questions, and they may be rhetorical questions that he already has the answer to, but he’s making you feel like you’re coming up with the answer.I find that really good directors do that.” Like all actors, Cannavale has to wrestle with being type-cast, and as an Italian American from New York, his agents know what scripts to avoid."The baby-boomers, especially women, are the largest percentage of the population right now, and there was nothing for them.I felt like, where are the women going through things that are real? " Marta Kauffman told creator's latest hit series stars legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two aging women whose husbands have left them for each other.Kauffman explained that networks would not have told this story about aging women before because, "They believe that television is aspirational, but they actually put that more on comedy than on drama.


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