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His friend also agreed; "you just piss it out", and "it doesn't work the same". He says you should drink it instead, because it "doesn't get absorbed the same way".I told him it would have the exact same benefits but in a more cost-effective and conveinent form.He said, "listen, I'm 55 years old, I've been around the block a few times". He starts off with asking me "how much vitamin C do you get a day? I tell him about 1g/day which I get from my multi alone.

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I also gave him the scenario I was in; I'm cutting, and I have no carb/low carb/high carb days [carb cycling]. They said I had a valid point, but it's "better to get it from the real thing" [even though they are both perfectly valid sources]. They seem to start those conversations just so that they can tell you you're wrong about something.

These are your typical "I don't believe in supplements"-types. of fish every day, drinking 2 gallons of green tea, and eating 20 oranges. I wish I could've whipped out a laptop and got on Pub Med to prove their asses wrong. A guy I know was asking me about lifting once--don't remember why--and he had me compare "golf ball" (brachioradialis) and "horseshoe" (tricep) with him, then he started talking about protein.

I was like "bla bla bla, I try to eat abou 300 grams a day" and he's like "nooooo no no no, that's WAY too much..body can't absorb more than 100 grams a day!

" like your stomach has some sort of shutoff switch that can tell when you reach 100 and then craps the rest out, regardless of when you eat it.

Never mind that my "golf ball" and "horseshoe" were like twice the size of his.

I didn't want to be a dick since he's sort of a friend and he was just trying to make conversation, but I wish people would think when they're speaking. I have this mental picture of you standing behind a counter at a restaurant then two completely random guys walk up to you and say "what gym do you go to?

On a side note, what the hell is with the scenario here? " followed by going down their checklist of things to "get" you on. " You actually just reminded me, they're also firm believers of the "40g of protein is all you can handle at once" theory. I actually work at Wendy's (first job; I also do some Web development work on the side [freelance]).

It's not too complex really--I was just on break, went out into the dining room, and all of a sudden they started talking to me.

Shot by photographer Alejandro Pereira, the El Corte Ingles Memories ad campaign stars Fanny Francois.


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