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After a shooter and a couple glasses of the white we headed to the bar, where it was far too early, there were far to few people (that changed later of course) and I was wearing far too little clothing.If you read my recent blog about my Halloween costume you'll understand where that statement came from.

A third of people on Earth are no longer able to look up at the night sky and experience the full glory of the Milky Way, scientists claim.

Experts have produced a new atlas of light pollution which shows that across many regions of the world, the Milky Way - the brilliant river of stars that has inspired philosophers, scientists, and poets throughout history - is hidden behind a blanket of luminous fog.

The problem is most acute in urban areas of developed countries such as the US, where an estimated 80% of the population is affected by light pollution.

Dr Chris Elvidge, from the National Centres for Environmental Information in Boulder, Colorado, US, said: "We've got whole generations of people in the United States who have never seen the Milky Way.

"It's a big part of our connection to the cosmos - and it's been lost." The team of US and Italian scientists used high-resolution satellite images and sky brightness measurements to produce the new atlas, published in the journal Science Advances.

Lead author Dr Fabio Falchi, from the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute in Italy, said: "I hope that this atlas will finally open the eyes of people to light pollution." Singapore, South Korea and Italy were among the countries with the biggest artificial light problem while Canada and Australia retained the most dark skies.

In western Europe, only small areas of night sky remained untarnished by light, chiefly in Scotland, Sweden and Norway.

Despite the vast open spaces of the American west, almost half of the US experienced light-polluted nights.

Co-author Dan Duriscoe, from the US National Park Service, said: "In the US, some of our national parks are just about the last refuge of darkness - places like Yellowstone and the desert south-west.

We are one, We are many, We are Just Call Me Frank.

Candid, adjudicating, philosophy wielding, life journaling, mental health advocating, writing and art therapy enthusiasts, lovers of learning; adventurers with a finger on all the buttons. Well, I have to say I have mixed feelings about how last night went.


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