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Melissa Moore just looked too damn cute to be lurking around on hookup sites.

I told her that, and she said she just liked looking at all the boys. “Looking at boys” translates to “flicking the bean” in my book (and “flicking the bean” translates to diddling herself).

I could just tell she was sexually frustrated and looking for someone to help her break out of her shell, typical internet chick. I did my best to keep the chit-chat to a minimum and we started making out on the couch.

I got her over to my house and when I opened the door her tits almost bounced out and knocked me in the face. Once I got a handful of those tits the switch just flipped in my head and I started going to town.

She was very receptive to everything I tried so I kept going.

What follows is about an hour and a half of lightning-fast, non stop, brutal sexual mayhem.

I spit-fuck Melissa like she was born to do it and she loved every minute of it!

Man I tell ya, there is nothing like watching a real freak do her thing, and Melissa was a sight to behold!

Intolerance ungratefulness disrespectful and mean boys and show respect don t waist my time very kinky requests are rare but I already.

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