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It included a show by Luciano Pereyra, the author of a production theme. Federico Kunz, a priest from the San Luis province, started an online petition asking for the removal of the program.

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Season 1 Julia Albarracín (Lali Espósito) is a girl from La Merced, a small town.

Her adoptive mother, Blanca, used to work in a factory.

She was contaminated in her job and dies some time later .

Before dying, she gives Julia the proof of the contamination that killed her.

The factory owner knew about this, and started to hunt her so she could not give the proof to the police.

Desperately needing to get away, she boarded a random bus that was going to Buenos Aires.She sought the help of her mom's old friend in Buenos Aires, Concepción(Ana Maria Picchio), who had become a nun and is also Santa Rosa Convent's superior nun .To give her cover, she gave Julia a nun's vestments, and introduced her to the other nuns as a novice. Esperanza meets sister Clara (Gabriela Toscano), who becomes her best friend and advisor, but what she doesn't know is that Clara is her biological mother.Clara realizes that Esperanza is her daughter, but becomes afraid of telling her the truth because she is afraid of losing Esperanza forever.Esperanza also meets the young priest Tomás(Mariano Martinez), and becomes friends with him; eventually, she will fall in love with him but she knows that her love is impossible.Tomás also develops feelings for her but tries to hide them because of his position as priest.


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