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It is simply an natural scented body spray that seems to be unpalatable for mossies.

To hold water and oils together, they need an emulsifying wax.

We use a plant based wax that allows the water and oils to stay together.

This coconut oil derived ingredients gives the skin a smooth finish.

It is an alternative to the silicones uses in many creams.

Silicone coats the skin in an occlusive slippery layer, while Coco Caprylate is much more moisturising and cool feeling on the skin.

With all these ingredients mixed in with the purified water, we need something to make sure they don’t settle to the bottom. As we use food based ingredients wherever we can, we use Polysorbate 20 for this.

This is also used in ice cream, lollies (candy), sauces etc.

So we think probably the best thing to use if we need something edible to do the job.

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Europe: Tails come in handy for cows during spring and summer and sometimes we wish we had one.


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