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The original group consisted of Alex Hodge, Cornell Gunter, David Lynch, Joe Jefferson, Gaynel Hodge and Herb Reed, who joined the group after he was discharged from the Army in December 1952.

In June 1953, Gunter left to join the Flaires and was replaced by lead vocalist Tony Williams.

The band then released two singles with Federal Records, under the management of Bass, but found little success.

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According to News One, a Memphis minister who was arrested and charged last year with criminal exposure to HIV for knowingly infecting a woman he had relations with was caught trying to look for love on Black People recently.

Pastor Rodney Carr, 47, tested positive for HIV in 2005, but after dating a MARRIED woman in 20, he reportedly infected her with the virus since he didn’t divulge information about his sexual health to her.

The woman found out she had HIV when she went for a routine visit to her gynecologist.

According to News One, she said that she trusted Pastor Carr and didn’t think he would do such a thing because he is a minister…despite the fact that he was already living foul by having an affair with her.

Although Carr isn’t in jail and is free to try to mack online, he’s still being prosecuted for his crime. He has HIV and he’s spreading it so he just really needs to be off the site.

At a recent court appearance, he claimed that he didn’t knowingly try to infect the married woman, but if he’s found guilty he could at the least face a 0 fine, and at the most, face two years in prison. He needs to be off the site.”This story is just all bad, and the fact that he’s trying to date with this court case over his head and with an HIV positive status that he’s clearly not trying to make people aware of is ridiculous.

According to the Inquisitr, under the profile Minterwonderful, Pastor Carr was trying to make love connections on the popular black dating site, Black People Meet. Not sure if dating sites like Black People Meet can do anything to keep people like this from making such profiles (Background checks?

The married woman he infected heard about his antics and basically said to News One that after what he put her through, trying to connect with other people on the site is deplorable.“He’s not wonderful. I know a few have already started using those.), but his behind doesn’t need to be meeting anybody but a cell mate–not a soul mate.

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  1. Zenrin Kushû “A Collection of Phrases from the Zen Garden,” a compilation of 6,000 quotations drawn from various Buddhist scriptures, Zen texts, and non-Buddhist sources.

  2. According to a Duke University study, it damages brain cells, can cause behavioural changes, and can have harmful interactions with some medications.

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