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According to , this is exactly what happened to one woman and her family in Douglas County when movers stole all of her family’s belongings on Friday, April, 29 of this year.

The woman (who asked media not to refer to her by name) found and hired a two-man moving team with a U-Haul on Craigslist.

The men were supposed to follow the family on the highway in the U-Haul with all of their things to their new home.

Hours passed while the woman and her family waited and slowly begun to realize the movers they hired may have stolen all of their things.

The police were able to find the truck, which was also stolen, but it was already empty.

Two days after the incident, the police did find a box at the side of the road which contained a lot of personal items the woman and her family were hoping would turn up.

The woman estimated roughly $75,000 worth of valuables were inside of that truck.

Scam #2: Rental Listings Craigslist can also be a place to look for places to rent.

The problem is scammers know how to say all of the right things and have all of the right paperwork to scam money out of someone looking for a new place to live.

According to , a couple from Southern Indiana put their house up for sale and became part of a Craigslist scam in less than 48 hours.

Someone took all of the couple’s information from their sale posting and created a post on Craigslist offering the same home for rent.

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The concept of buying and selling things online via websites such as Craigslist is not new.


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