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So let’s talk a little about what it takes to make it through a break-up and come out the other side. Crossing from the Outer Rim to Alderaan is crossing through half the galaxy in the span of a couple of days.

It takes The Enterprise three days to get from Earth to Alpha Centauri, our closest star.)Let’s do this. I come to you not for my sake, but for my best friend.

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Whether your favourite outdoor activity is walking, shooting, fishing, horse-riding, skiing or extreme sports, you can meet like-minded outdoor singles on Muddy Matches.

You'll also be able to make new outdoor loving friends to share your hobbies and interests with.

We even have an advanced search function, which allows you to search for people who enjoy the same outdoor activities as you do.

You'll find outdoor singles from across the UK and Ireland, so you'll be sure to meet someone with whom you can bag a Munro in Scotland, go coasteering in Wales, go quadbiking in England, go rock climbing in Northern Ireland or go kayaking in Ireland.

If you're looking for outdoor date ideas for your new outdoorsy companion, you can take a look at our dating blog.

As well as providing advice about profile writing, which photos to choose for your profile and how to send messages, we also suggest ideas for outdoor dates that you could enjoy with each other on your first date or when you get to know each other a bit better.This week, we’re talking about making tough choices and break-ups.Breaking up is hard enough, but how we handle it afterwards can make all the difference in our future relationships - both for ourselves and for the people around us.t didn’t take years of medical school for Harris O’Malley to become Dr. After struggling in the dating scene, the self-professed geek turned to pickup-artist culture and Neil Strauss’ The Game to boost his luck.He quickly realized that there had to be a better way to meet women.With the help of some “very patient female friends,” O’Malley has not only improved his own love life (he’s happily married) but he’s made a career out of “helping nerds get the girl.” Now, the advice blogger has a new book On your site, it says you’re making nerds sexier. By teaching them that dating is a skill set that can be learned with practice.


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