Dom sub dating websites

If you are new to this kind of thing, even not a dom, I would say, give it a go. There are ads for other sites on each page and that always makes me wary, but hey, I guess when it comes to free adult personals, people need to make a buck.I think there are enough doms, subs and switches here, slaves and others (see I am learning), to satisfy anyone seeking serious fetish dating adult personals. Sometimes adult dating sites may be worth the effort.

If you want a bdsm dating sex date or alternative dating site, this is not horrible and has some merit – but it is definitely more of an alternative lifestyles site than specifically BDSM. BDSM DATING SITES REVIEWS (5 / 5) It was painful reviewing the free adult personals site,, and I say that in a good way. Imagine a fetish dating site like Fet Lif e but being able to query and easily find people near you.

The pics on this bdsm dating site are pretty hardcore, and the site is easy to navigate, and I was half-expecting to be invited to a munch, lol.

After making my profile, I made a search through the adult personals for a woman, a couple (man/woman), a couple (2 women) and a group, for those seeking a man, ages 18 – 25 within 50 miles of me, who joined within the last week. Subs, doms, switches, tops, bottoms, those unsure, they were all here. In the 18 days for review purposes (I continued on my own after), I was in contact with 61/111 to whom I sent notes.

I met 6, and a couple were into the kinky fetishes I like. Let’s just say I had some “no ‘holes’ barred” “master”ful experiences.

I think for anyone in the lifestyle, looking at free adult dating sites, sub or dom, for bdsm singles or couples, this site does very well.

Bottom line, I highly recommend this adult dating site site.

It hurts me to say this, pun intended, but among all the bdsm sites on the web, this one: 5 out of 5 stars.

Bondage (4.5 / 5) As a dom, I expect a lot from my lifestyle (in and out of the bedroom, by the way) and the bdsm dating sites I join.

When I knew I was going to review the free bdsm site, Bondage, I was pretty happy.

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